OPK whatever

Ok, so here go some icky details… cervical mucus as unambigiously egg-whitey as I’ve ever seen it (at noon today), but the OPK sticks were negative both yesterday and today. What does that mean??? I did violate the one rule that everyone seems to agree on, which is to pee on the stick at the same time each day. Yesterday was noon, today was 3:00. (My problem is that it’s hard for me to remember to take the stick with me to campus every day…). In any case, I did phone home to let my stud know that his services will be required at his earliest convenience. Fortunately he’s making the 7-hour commute tonight for the weekend.

Did I mention anywhere that I’m in a commuting marriage? Again – wtf do I think I’m trying to do here?!?!?!


One Response to “OPK whatever”

  1. tara Says:

    the month i got prego (even so breifly) the opk never obtained that hightened state of 2 lines…
    screw opk’s and the house they road in on…
    i gave up peeing on sticks after mucus stopped being conducive for ovulation

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